Saturday Styling & Fashion Course For Adults

Course description

Gain motivation, inspiration and a range of necessary skills to start your career in Fashion Styling. As well as providing evidence of your individual talent, this course will benefit you in gaining access to any full time courses at college or university.

This course starting from the basics, will gradually delve into the more complex necessary skills, making it suitable for beginners as well as those already working in the industry wishing to further their skills. Profound and intensive, this course will tackle all aspects of the industry, allowing you to develop and understand the fundamentals skills needed to peruse a career as a professional fashion stylist.

The Saturday Styling course will take place every Saturday for a series of 6 weeks from 9am to 1pm and will be lead by fashion Designer, Stylist and Editor Denise Brown. Having styled a range of celebrities including Kanye West, Rihanna, Eliza Doolittle and Mr Hudson, Denise is an expert in her field, passing on all her essential tips and tricks in styling. No prior fashion qualifications will be needed to apply for this course, and instead we accept anyone with a keen love for fashion and style.

This course will provide you with a brilliant opportunity to demonstrate and develop your skills as well as your individual talent, which will prove helpful for employment and entry into further Fashion and Styling courses. Furthermore it will offer you a specific learning experience that will prove vital in your future.

Tackling all the crucial elements of the fashion styling world, the Saturday Styling Course will be divided into 10 separate parts. These include:

  1. Basic Introduction: to familiarize you with important fashion terms and discuss the various roles of a stylist.
  2. Creating and Constructing: teaching you the constructions of a garment, from pattern cutting to merchandising. You will also be taught a range of decorative techniques beading/embellishment/printing and painting
  3. The figure: to help you understand how to dress any kind of body, shape or size.
  4. Clientele: giving you vital tips as well as practical experience on how to style your own client.
  5. Business & Marketing: lessons on how to set up and develop your own styling business.
  6. Celebrity Styling: to give you the inside knowledge on styling models, presenters and actors for television, film and stage, as well as tips on conducting interviews as a fashion expert on television.
  7. Editorial: teaching you the tips and tricks on how to style an editorial photo shoot.
  8. Trademarks: understanding the needs of a client and their brand, helping you understand situations in the workplace.
  9. Signature style: learning to create your own personal style that will get you noticed.

10. Fashion shoots: giving you experience in live photo shoots that you will be styling for a magazine. The shots will provide you evidence of experience in your portfolio.

          Evaluation: assessment of your individual skills and career opportunities within the industry.

To become successful in the business of Fashion Styling, you need the help of professional Styling tutors, as well as styling experience- attending the Saturday Styling Course will provide you with just that!

To apply please contact                                                


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